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High-voltage, heavy-current testing laboratory

PowerLab operates the only commercial high voltage and heavy current test laboratory in New Zealand.

This facility is registered for a wide range of electrical standards tests and measurements.

It is capable of supplying impulse voltages up to 600kV, ac withstand voltages up to 300kV, and ac short circuit currents exceeding 40,000 Amps.

Testing capabilities range from lightning impulse testing on distribution transformers and insulators, to heavy current testing of earth clamps and temperature-rise measurement of busbars.

Services offered include:

  • Non-destructive type testing of electrical equipment.
  • Insulation tests for predictive maintenance of electrical plant.
  • Insulation condition monitoring.
  • Impulse voltage and current testing.
  • Short circuit testing.
  • Temperature rise testing.
  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing.
  • General electrical measurements at high voltage and heavy currents.
  • Partial discharge and tan delta testing (on-site and in laboratory).
  • Investigation of insulation failure and cause identification.
  • Specialist electrical product testing such as electric fence energisers.

We also offer expert assistance during the design, development and performance assessment of locally developed products.

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